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Guild News

Post SL Retirement

AellaRen, Dec 6, 14 8:19 AM.
Just a heads up to any old guildmates interested in getting in contact again, I have created a post in the Members Only forum with my email. It's been some time since ToC retired from Rift but if you're ever curious what some of us are up to, dont hesitate to send an email.
A few of us still talk and even game together, and we'd be happy to see some of our old guildmates again.

Raid Adjustments

AellaRen, Aug 12, 13 4:41 PM.
In the past few weeks of raiding the officers and myself have taken note of light signups on Sundays. Because of this we are looking to change either the time or day for our continuation raids. I am asking our raiders (both new and old)  to send me your availability. If you have sent me your days/times previously - and no change has occurred you do not need to resend your information. I ask that you include all days of the week and the times you are available on those days (if at all). Times should be set to server time for my ease. You can send your information to me via in-game mail, whispers, or there is a thread on the forums you can post to in the Raid section.

Frozen Tempest

AellaRen, Jun 22, 13 1:56 AM.
Hey guys,
Next week Friday (6/28) we're going to try and get a Frozen Tempest run going. So if you are available, have the necessary requirements, and have the time to commit please please sign up! We'd like to get our progression train rolling, so check out the guild site for the event. If you have any questions/concerns contact an Officer or myself!



AellaRen, Jun 18, 13 2:02 AM.
Good news everyone!

Since the release of F2P we've had a pretty steady influx in new members! If any of our new members have questions about the game or the guild please help them out as much as possible. Also, for those not comfortable asking in gchat the officers and myself are happy to help with anything you need. Our current officers are: Widd, Kreedos, Sieara, Aellaren, and also Randombarimen are always available.

Over the past couple weeks the guild has also been doing short games in vent, some with plat prizes! So, if you're interested in joining in or just listening to the vent antics refer to the guild wall for our vent info. We typically do these games mid week and on sundays, keep an eye on the calendar for times!


Loot Rule Changes

AellaRen, Jun 1, 13 10:32 PM.
This week after raid the officers and myself discussed our current loot rules and how to improve them. We now have a new set of Loot Rules. Please familiarize yourself with them for all future raids. If you have any questions talk to an officer for clarification. I'll do a very brief over view here for you but please please please go look at the Loot Rules in the Raid topic.

We have created a new rank, Core Raider. As such there are now two tiers of being considered a raider within ToC. Raider is the first tier and Core Raider is the second. Both tiers have their own loot rules and accessibility to specific tabs in the guild bank.

Also, we realize during the week ToC has been a bit more quiet than we would like. The officers and myself will now be hosting a couple guild activities during the week to keep us all active! Events will be posted on the calendar here so you can see when they will start - you do not need to sign up for these events =] So keep an eye out the gsite to keep yourself updated!

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